Essential Historical Art Resources

Texts and films with information about the traditions of art-making. Many original sources are included, which contain direct quotes from artists about their craft. Click on the title for the link:

*"Head and Figure Painting"  (1963) by Deane Keller Sr. [8pgs., advice and technical information on painting]

*"Deane Keller 1901-1992 An Exhibition of Drawings"  (1994)  [catalog of exhibition at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, reproductions of drawings and paintings by Deane Keller]

*"Drawing Course"  (1868) by Charles Bargue [indispensable drawing manual consisting of 197 lithographs intended for copying by the art student] *link to 3rd Edition*

​*"Ecole des Beaux Arts"  (2000)  film by Catherine Adda[film about the history and the collections of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, where artists such as Jean-Leon Gerome, Alexandre Cabanel, and Jean-Paul Laurens were instructors] 

*"Deane G. Keller Anatomy Lectures"  (1994-2002) [collection of 72 taped lectures on anatomy and figure drawing, filmed from 1994-2002 by Deane G. Keller]

*"Painting a Still-life" by Deane G. Keller [over two-hour long oil painting demonstration by Deane G. Keller at his studio, showing his method for setting up a still-life, drawing the composition, and painting]

*"Robert Beverly Hale Anatomy Lectures"  (1976) [10 taped lectures (Youtube) by Robert Beverly Hale filmed in 1976 at The Art Students League of New York]

*"Bucking the Establishment in Art"  (2014) by Paul Ingbretson [historical art lecture and film showing painting demonstration by Paul Ingbretson]

​*"Boston School Painting Blog" by Paul Ingbretson [advice and philosophy on drawing and painting by Paul Ingbretson]

*"The Timeless Art of the Boston School"  (2015) by Jean Lightman[historical art lecture about the Boston School Tradition, including a painting demonstration lecture by  Jean Lightman]

*"Advice to Artistsby Frank Weston Benson [quotes and advice on painting from artist Frank Weston Benson (1862-1951)] *link to page on Internet Archive*

*"Pictorial composition And the Critical Judgment of Pictures"  (1903) by Henry Rankin Poore [Greatest book on composition, written in 1903, by Henry Rankin Poore, a founder of the Old Lyme Art Colony]

​*"The Painter in Oil" (1898) by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst [Studied in Paris with artists Bouguereau and Aime-Morot, the book is filled with practical advice on all aspects of picture-making] *link to Dover reprint (2006)*

​*"Notes on Drawing and Painting"   (1944) by Henry C. White [advice on drawing and painting, cast drawing, academic training]

*"Portrait of the mannequin from Lucile"   (1928) by Philip de Laszlo [footage of painting demonstration of the model by Philip de Laszlo (1869-1937]

​*"Henry Hensche: A Look at How We See & Paint"   (1975) by Phillip St. John [footage of artist Henry Hensche lecturing and demonstrating oil painting technique]

​​*"Methode de Dessin"  (1867) by Adolphe Yvon [ English translation of drawing manual by Adolphe Yvon (1817-1893), professor  L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris from  1863-1883 ]

*"Paris Salon 1904"   (1904)  [Catalog of the artwork exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1904]